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Combining Aromatherapy and FashionWith the tremendous growth of aromatherapy as an alternative healing modality, it makes sense for there to be new ways to bring your essential oils with you wherever you go throughout the day. Why have numerous brown glass bottles clanking around in your purse or bag, when you can actually make a fashion statement and wear your essential oils in a piece of aromatherapy jewelry?Considered a perfect combination of art, style, and scent – aromatherapy jewelry is fast becoming part of the aromatherapy enthusiast’s wardrobe. Listed below are descriptions of three popular types of aromatic jewelry for all styles, tastes and budgets. For the modest, practical, magical, or sophisticated personality, there is a special piece of “aroma wear” out there for you!The Lovely Amphora Aromatherapy NecklaceThis miniature ceramic replica of an amphora is inspired by ancient Greek and Roman earthenware storage vessels. It is porous clay on the inside and glazed on the outside with no lid. It is usually hung around the neck on a cord or ribbon. This petite amphora aromatherapy necklace gets “seasoned” with your personal blend of essential oils on the inside and on the handles. The clay absorbs your favorite essences and the aromas diffuse from the bottle throughout the day by body heat and evaporation. Once the amphora is seasoned, it takes fewer drops of essential oils to “reactivate” its scent. It is recommended to use thin (viscosity), clear essential oils with this type of jewelry as the clay is usually white and may discolor with darker, thicker oils. Using pure essential oils in your amphora can soothe your emotions, inspire creativity, boost concentration, help clear your sinuses, and more. Try rosewood, citrus, lavender, eucalyptus, petitgrain, or mint essential oils in your amphora for a natural, aromatic lift every time to wear your aromatherapy necklace!The Dramatic Aromatherapy Magic Potion BottleThe aromatherapy pendant, or potion bottle, is usually made out of stone or glass. These glass bottles can hold a substantial amount of your favorite essential oils or blend of oils and be quite beautiful. Many of these types of colorful, aromatherapy necklaces are adorned with beautiful beads, charms, and silver or copper wire work. To enjoy your personally selected essences from nature, you simply “pop the cork” and either smell / inhale the essential oils or apply your oils to your skin as desired. Aromatherapy pendants can be collected and are usually one-of-a-kind artistic pieces. These make lovely gifts and can certainly be used for ceremonial purposes and special occasions.The Beautiful Aromatherapy LocketThe aromatherapy locket uses a special “wick system” to diffuse your essential oils. Simply open the locket and apply a drop or two of your chosen essential oils to the pad, close the locket, and enjoy. Aromatherapy lockets are usually crafted out of silver, gold, bronze, or nickel. Lovely motifs like fairies, Celtic knots, and suns are popular decorations. The lockets can be worn as necklaces, bracelets, or key chains, and are perfect for people who want to enjoy the essences but don’t want the oils touching the skin. The aromatherapy lockets diffuse your oils through openings in the metal. There is no need to open the locket to enjoy the healing aromas. Some essentials oils evaporate rather quickly, like citrus and lavender. Other essential oils like sandalwood and ylang ylang can last a very long time before the wick needs to be freshened.All three types of aromatic jewelry are strong and safe. The exciting new styles and gorgeous colors are sure to inspire healing professionals and aromatherapy enthusiasts everywhere to start “wearing” their favorite essences anywhere they go.Aromatherapy Jewelry – the Perfect Combination of Art, Fashion, and Healing Aromatics.

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The age old practice of using essential oils for therapy is referred to as Aromatherapy. The term originates from the Greek root-word ‘aroma’ which means pleasant scent. These essential oils are extracted from trees, barks, plants and flowers and are in turn converted onto oils that can be used to treat a variety of ailments. Thus, Aromatherapy is well-known to provide relief for various skin irritations and emotional and stress related ailments.With the onset of Modern Aromatherapy in the early 1900′s, Aromatherapy is carried by various skin care products like creams and lotions. Aromatherapy Lotion is among the most popular product that caters skin enhancement and skin care. Designed to enhance the skin’s natural beauty, aromatherapy lotions are infused with essential oils like lavender, jasmine and vanilla, which not only enhances skin glow but also promotes regeneration of old skin cells. With this specific purpose, aromatherapy lotions are said to promote age-less skin by delaying the formation of tell-tale signs of old age like wrinkles and cellulite.A careful selection of essential oils and intricate mixtures of aromatherapy lotions and creams are being carried by different aromatherapy body care product lines. The most recommended are those infused with Shea Butter that is widely used by pregnant women and those who have recently given birth.When I was pregnant with my first born, I made it a point to apply Shea Butter Cream on my thigh and stomach area to avoid the formation of expected stretch marks. I have also practiced a daily routine of applying my favorite lavender-scented aromatherapy lotion.A trip to my gynecologist revealed that the usage of aromatherapy products during my pregnancy and after childbirth proved to be beneficial and safe for both mom and newborn. This is because aromatherapy lotions are enriched with vitamins and minerals that revitalize, soothe and moisturize skin. With the beautiful scent that accompanies these moisturizers, they also promote good sleep, relaxation and a lovely experience of bathing and grooming.Lavender-scented aromatherapy cream is best known to aid in getting a good night sleep. When we are tired and our nerves are sensitive, applying a lavender aromatherapy lotion during bedtime will help ease our nerves and relieve our stress. Lavender is also noted to treat digestive ailments and restlessness. Because of its calming, sedative and anti-convulsive effect, the scent of the lavender signals our brains to secrete relaxant hormones. Additionally, lavender scented aromatherapy lotion is also noted to cure skin ailments like eczema, acne and itchy skin. As such, it helps reduced the formation of stretch marks and cellulite on areas like thigh, buttocks, and stomach.Later on during the period of my pregnancy, I learned from an advocate of aromatherapy, that continued use of lavender aromatherapy oil and/or lotion helps ease delivery pain and promotes faster recovery. It was also a good disinfectant and antiseptic that significantly helped keeping infections at bay.A good number of homes keep aromatherapy lotions, creams and oils stored for their useful, beneficial and versatile purpose. If you prefer something organic and home-made, a number of sites have also been set up to provide information on creating home-made lotions and creams, making use of an oil base like jojoba, olive and even the most popular in the tropics, virgin coconut oil. These base oils have very little fragrance of their own and so do not mask the scent of your preferred essential oil.Visit your nearest aromatherapist for the best kind of aromatherapy lotion that you could use and discover the many benefits of aromatherapy.